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We are Good Gaming Inc.

Good Gaming is a publicly-traded interactive entertainment company leading the evolution of gaming from traditional gaming to the creation of digital playgrounds across a vast array of platforms. We enable a strong sense of community, place, and purpose. We are not merely an escape.

Good Gaming believes its communities and experiences will redefine the digital collectibles space and be pivotal in the transition and perception of ownership of digital goods.


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Cute, lovable, self-replicating NFT microbes

MicroBuddies™ is a collectible NFT game where players will be able to collect lovable, self-replicating microbes that passively produce GOO™. Players can then use GOO™ to replicate new MicroBuddies™ from existing ones and artificially select genes for the next generation.

Return To Minecraft

NEW – Minecraft Prison Winter & Skyblock Winter

Minecraft Prison OP features a slew of highly creative changes and development centered around further enhancing the game’s quality, graphics, and entertainment value. This enhanced version promises to deliver the massively fun experience of their previous OP Prison game mode with fun new twists for new and returning players!

The new Minecraft Skyblock adventure features enhanced graphics, updated hardware, and breathtaking interactive gameplay elements. Both Minecraft Prison OP and Skyblock, players can integrate MicroBuddies™ characters while utilizing their all-new GOO system to receive their Minecraft in-game currency RC.

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What Makes Us Different

We pride ourselves on our ability to connect with our players and actively understand their needs and wants for future releases, giving our community a sense of ownership in the game space.

Good Gaming continues to find exciting and engaging ways to innovate across the interactive entertainment industry. As a brand and, most importantly, a community, our goal is to preserve a space for fun and collaborative games that ALL gamers can enjoy.

MicroBuddies PFP Project

Launching this summer!

The next evolution of MicroBuddies™ is a new digital collectible PFP project called The Genesis Collections. This project will enable MicroBuddies and Good Gaming to deliver on our vision of demonstrating the power tokenized ownership can bring to the player.

The Genesis Collections are being built on Ethereum, which will allow the company to reach the much larger, mainstream NFT community providing the potential for mass adoption.

MicroBuddies™ World Experience

Play Super Craft Brothers Brawl NOW on Roblox!

MicroBuddies broadening its demographic reach by expanding into Robolox!

The MicroBuddies-themed virtual world experience is designed to capture the imagination by immersing its visitors in engaging quests, fun contests, and games such as Super Craft Brothers Brawl!


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Executive Team

The Good Gaming Elite
david b dorwart

David Dorwart

CEO and Chairman
Good Gaming Inc.

David Dorwart is the Co-Founder and Chairman of ViaOne Services, LLC, a company that provides wireless, operational and marketing services to more than a dozen U.S. companies. Since 2011, David has served as Chairman of Assist Wireless, LLC, and since 2010 has been both President and Chief Executive Officer of Brooklet Energy Distribution, LLC. In 2015, David was also elected Chairman of the National Lifeline Association (NaLA), a non-profit organization that supports initiatives to provide under-served Americans access to essential communication products and services.

david sterling

David Sterling

Good Gaming Inc.

David Sterling is a highly creative, process-oriented, impact-driven entertainment industry executive with 25+ years of success devising data-based content acquisition, production, and marketing strategies. He has had verifiable success in developing and expanding innovative content products for live and on-demand streaming, cross-platform gaming, VR, AR, podcasting, and diverse lifestyle genres. Additionally, David has extensive leadership experience in the direct-to-consumer content development industry and understands content engagement beyond the numbers. He possesses an innate ability to drive content strategy utilizing search optimization, data analytics, and user engagement across multiple channels.

jordan axt

Jordan Axt

VP Marketing
Good Gaming Inc.

Jordan Axt is a results-producing marketing professional with more than 19 years of experience developing marketing and branding strategies that effectively position companies’ values, programs, and services in the marketplace. Jordan is currently Sr. Director of Marketing at ViaOne Services where he develops all marketing and acquisition strategies for 14 consumer-facing brands. He was acknowledged in the book “Earning Success” by Bill Lisowski and John Mengelson and has been quoted by GD USA Magazine, eMarketer, and Multichannel Merchant Publications.

dom fontana

Domenic Fontana

Good Gaming Inc.

Domenic Fontana has extensive finance and accounting experience, acquired from more than a decade in the telecom industry. In 2013, he joined Assist Wireless and is now Senior Vice President of Finance for the company and ViaOne Services, LLC. Domenic has also held management-level finance positions at eCommerce Technology Business and Verizon. Most recently, he was elected Treasurer of the National Lifeline Association, a non-profit organization that supports initiatives to provide under-served Americans access to essential communication products and services.

JD hilzendager

JD Hilzendager

General Manager & EVP
Good Gaming Inc.

JD accrued over 14 years operational experience before joining Good Gaming. JD’s extensive background allows him to expeditiously improve processes in sales, operations, logistics, compliance, systems, and reporting. JD received the AT&T Summit Award in 2015 and is a 3-time Verizon Wireless Winner’s Circle recipient.


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10Q Q2 May 04, 2016 Jun 30, 2015 50 KB XBRL 
10Q Q3 May 04, 2016 Sep 30, 2015 46 KB XBRL 
10K May 26, 2016 Dec 31, 2015 62 KB XBRL 


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