Galactic Acres

Your Universe, Your Sanctuary!
Welcome to Galactic Acres, a unique idle clicker game where you’re not just playing, but protecting an intergalactic sanctuary for creatures from across the universe. This free-to-play game will have you hooked with its engaging gameplay and immersive storyline.
In Galactic Acres, every creature you shelter generates revenue. Use these earnings to expand your sanctuary and in turn, recruit more diverse and exotic creatures. But beware, the cosmos is full of dangers! Employ armies of aliens to safeguard your sanctuary from space pirates.
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    The Sanctuary

    Unlock and upgrade creatures in your Sanctuary. Players will collect as many creatures as possible from around the universe to build up a sanctuary of safety and well-being for all. In return, you receive cash from the creatures, similar to HOA fees in real-world gated communities.

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    The Shop

    Buy game enhancements with “diamonds” such as Auto-Clicker upgrades for battles, Multipliers, Quick Prestige, Timelapse, and more!

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    In battles, players will fend off space pirates and ill-intentioned galactic colonizers by going head-to-head with enemies and their spaceships. In exchange for defeating an enemy, the player will be awarded gold!

Tokenized Web3 In-Game Assets


Skins are limited-supply cosmetic enhancements that add a unique and personal touch to your character while also providing gameplay bonuses. Missed out on a particular skin? No worries, you can trade for it on the blockchain!

The Vault

For players interested in the blockchain, visit “The Vault”. Manage your in-game currency directly from the app and send or receive game assets over the Polygon network.

Don’t fret! Galactic Acres is a traditional mobile game that everyone can enjoy, offering optional Web3 features for those who are interested in expanding their gameplay experience. Galactic Acres requires no previous Web3 knowledge or experience and has no transaction fees or blockchain requirements.

Available Now on Google Play